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Our founder, Tyler Shepherd, worked installing fences as his summer job. Brutally hot summer days, lugging around heavy equipment, and digging holes for hours on end might seem like grueling work that isn’t worth the low pay and ripped up hands. However, Tyler absolutely reveled in it. 

He realized that there is an art to a job well done. Putting up a perfectly straight, perfectly level fence that rolls with the landscape isn’t something that’s very easy to do. It takes knowledge, stamina, strength, and an eye for design where most people see the straightforward and mundane.

After college, Tyler worked in marketing to create award winning designs and advertising campaigns to bring together companies with vision with high value customers who believe in their mission. He realized that every aspect of a company tells a story about them. The aethetic of your office, the user exerience of your website, the welcoming smile from your receptionist, a crisp new business card, and the knowledge and experience you deliver to clients all speak volumes about you and your business. 

Our promise is to create and/or install signs that represent your vision as a business owner. We don’t simply install signs and leave. We install a beacon for your business that shines your successes as an agent, as a realtor, and as a business owner. What do you want that beacon saying about you?

For Sale Sign Installed Outside New House on the Market
Real Estate Agents Signing Documents for Sale of New Home

A Company You Can Trust

Real Estate Sign Install has your back. We install all of our signs on your schedule and at your convenience. We make recommendations on posts based on your color scheme and the house up for sale. We send a picture of every job for your approval before we even leave, and if any sign is ever knocked over due to weather we’ll come put it back up at no cost to you.

We also stand by all of our signs. Our team of expert designers also stands by our work. If you want to stand out with a unique sign, we’ll make a sign that screams for attention while staying professional. If you need help with color scheme or copy, we’ve got you covered. Consider us your one stop shop.

Marketing That Works

The best marketers know their industry and they know their clients. The age old problem is communicating this to clients. How well do you know your industry? How well do your customers know your industry?

Our job as marketers is to showcase your successes and position you as an industry expert. Your clients don’t know what you know about the industry. Your clients don’t know what you know about the local neighborhoods, schools, entertainment, or how they can increase their asking price by installing a new roof, or lose money by installing a pool. With our help, you can keep your pipeline full of leads, put your talents on display, and stay top of mind for the buyers and sellers in your area.

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